Download Latest Smadav free for windows


The main function of Smadav for pc is really for additional protection for your computer, because Smadav is designed as an additional protection, so that it can perform compatible even if it has installed other antivirus software from Smadav (functioning as a second or backup layer). Smadav has special features to detect and clean viruses so that it increases the security of your computer. So, with other antivirus mixed with Smadav will strengthen your computer’s defense against viruses, malware, and others.

Perfect Protection Against Flash

This is a feature that I like about the latest version of Smadav for pc , because when someone’s flash is connected to your computer, the Smadav reaction then scans to USB. What I like about this is that when important files are hidden in an instant, there is no need to open CMD to unhide files, just use Smadav Antivirus to scan the flash and pay attention to the hidden file results are now over.
Because flash media is a medium for spreading viruses. Smadav has special technology to prevent the entry of viruses through the flash, because the Smadav mission itself is 100% no longer spreading viruses through flash.

Very fast Svanner

If other antivirus, smadav exe can also carry out scans on your computer. But on your computer you might be lazy to implement the scanner on your computer because of some elements, maybe the main element is the cause of the scanner working longer and can take hours. Most do not worry about that element in Smadav Antivirus, in this case the scanner feature, you can carry out a computer scanner quickly and certainly effectively, make sure to always scan your computer at least once a week, to minimize the spread of viruses.

Features Cleaner and System Tools to Eradicate Viruses

In this smadav antivirus you can carry out virus removal via automatic or manual. To carry out manual cleaning, Smadav Antivirus already provides several tools for you to use. Here are some such tools:

• One-Virus-By-User, to add virus files and clean them manually
• Process Manager, to manage work and programs that run on a PC.
• editor, to correct the system settings that have been modified by the virus.
• Win-Force, to open a system management program in Windows.
• Smad-Lock, to strengthen computer drive defense from virus infections